There are three types of countertops we sell, laminate, postform laminate, and solid surface

Laminate Countertops

We work with and manufacture laminate countertops.  They come with a number of edge profiles, seen in the pictures bellow.  They also come in a number of pricing levels depending on the level of durability, flexibility, translucence, and finish.  We also work with a number of suppliers to provide excellent pricing for post form countertops.
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Cascade Edge

Crescent Edge
Beveled Edge


Postform Countertops

Postform countertops are excellent for areas that need a true rounded edge on the front. Being made with laminate, it has a resistance to scratching, is not poris and therefore very sanitary and comes in a variety of colors. We sell postform countertops in all of Wilsonart’s colors, however, there are a number of stock colors we have available for pickup within a week, all other colors take 3 to 4 weeks. See the link bellow for stock color availability.




Solid Surface

We also manufacture countertops out of acrylic solid surface, commonly referred to as “Corian”.  These countertops also come with a number of edge profiles and in many ingenious configurations.  There is also translucent colors that will allow lighting to shine through your counter or cabinet where you want it, with indistinguishable seems.
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